We lead with proactive strategies.

Our process is uniquely crafted to provide you cash savings, strengthen your business and move you forward to the business of your dreams.

Here’s How Our Unique Collaboration Process Works:

Step I


Step I


Step I


Step I


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Phase 1:
Tax Discovery Session

We provide all potential clients with a diagnostic session by one of our tax experts. 

This session is designed to get to know you and to see how we can put some cash back in your pocket/business and help you reach your goals.

We will evaluate your previous year’s business and personal returns for mistakes and missed opportunities before your appointment and provide you with the following:


  • 45 minutes of expert time dedicated to your needs
  • Discussion around your tax concerns past, present & future
  • Discussion around your accounting concerns past, present & future
  • An assessment of your goals and what is important to you
  • An estimate of how much we can save you in taxes, if applicable
  • Our value-based price for your customized Proactive Tax Planning Strategy!

Phase 2:
Proactive Entity & Tax Planning Strategy

Your roadmap to fewer taxes and more money in your pocket.

Based on the information above and additional information we gather through comprehensive questionnaires, additional documentation, and your goals we will create your tax savings action plan that utilizes all the best and brightest bits of the code.

Your Proactive Tax Planning Strategy will include:

  • A comprehensive and customized plan
  • Footnotes and references to any and all applicable IRS authoritative guidance so that you know your plan is on the up and up!
  • Step-by-step action plan for implementation
  • Initial Tax Strategy Consultation meeting of 90 minutes to walk you through your plan
  • Follow-Up Tax Strategy Consultation to answer any questions you may have and monitor your progress on the implementation of your plan (step 3!)
  • Prices, options & help with the next step!

Phase 3:
Entity & Tax Planning Strategy Implementation

Let us assist you with those step-by-steps to activate your Proactive Tax Strategy.

It takes the proper implementation and documentation to make your plan work for you. We can help you with: 

  • Specialists & Strategic Partners
  • Lawyers (Tax, Estate, Business, etc.)
  • Cost Segregation Specialists
  • Financial Advisors
  • Life Insurance Experts
  • Needed document resources
  • Reasonable Compensation Calculations
  • Our proposal for the last step!

Phase 4:
Strategic Maintenance Services

Ongoing services to keep you compliant and moving towards your goals.

Customized services, guidance, tax filings and meetings to keep your plan in compliance and updated as your life and your business changes.

All of our bundles include:

  • Unlimited Phone & Email Support
  • 24/7 Access to Virtual Documents
  • In-Person/Video Q&A Meeting
  • Due date monitoring
  • Referrals to Trusted Professionals
  • Annual Preparation of Business & Personal Tax Returns
  • Year-End Tax Tips Newsletter
  • Quarterly Estimate Tax Reminders
  • Annual Update to your Proactive Tax Strategy

Additional services include:

  • IRS & State Correspondence
  • Quarterly Financial Business Check-Ins
  • Yearly Growth & Goal Planning
  • Goals-based projections, budgets and consulting
  • Accounting set-up and support options
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